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Mr. Owen is the Manager and Senior Consultant of Owen Engineering LLC. Mr. Owen is currently licensed as a Professional Engineer (P.E.) in 12 states and holds a Structural Engineering license  (S.E.)  in Illinois. 

Length of experience counts in selecting a forensic engineer for the investigation of property loss claims. Mr. Owen's experience includes over 14 years of experience devoted exclusively to forensic investigations and property condition assessments. His forensic experience is founded upon over 30 years in an exceptionally wide variety of engineering design and construction management services.

Prior forensic engineering affiliations include positions at EFI Global, Inc. and PT&C Forensic Consulting Services, P.A.  Prior construction management services were performed while in positions at Parsons Brinckerhoff and Earth Tech, Inc. Prior engineering management and design positions were held at Michael Baker Jr., Inc. and Hanson Engineers, Inc.

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Employment Record

2010- Present
Owen Engineering LLC - Sarasota, FL; Chicago, IL
Providing forensic structural engineering and building envelope investigations of property damage losses. Representative experience as the prime consultant or as a sub-consultant included structural engineering and building envelope loss investigations in numerous states; litigation support pursuant to major-loss ($10mm) partial roof collapse in Illinois; consulting services to law firm during alternative dispute resolution phase in connection with insurance coverage issues concerning a major-loss (over $100mm) claim at a high-rise medical facility in Chicago, Illinois; litigation support in connection with major-loss claim associated with Hurricane Ivan; forensic wind vs. flood damage investigations of over 25 structures in South Carolina following the passage of Hurricane Matthew.

PT&C Forensic Consulting Services, P.A. - Chicago, IL
Forensic Engineer
Experience included over 80 forensic engineering investigations in Texas and Louisiana, including major wind or flood losses associated with Hurricane Ike; structural engineering and building envelope forensic investigations in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Missouri and Florida.

TRC Engineers, Inc. - Chicago, IL
Forensic Engineer
Performed forensic engineering investigations of property damage losses. Examples of losses included water intrusion, windstorm and fire damages.

EFI Global, Inc. - Chicago, IL
Forensic Engineer
Forensic engineering services included investigations of property damage losses associated with hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan, Dennis and Jeanne; investigations of wind and flood losses caused by Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana and Mississippi; as well as investigative structural engineering and building envelope losses in other states.

Earth Tech, Inc. - Chicago, IL
Vice President and Technical Director
Program Manager and Technical Director for a turnkey design-build program involving the simultaneous property acquisition, marine and terrestrial environmental permitting, A/E design and construction of 6 new telecom building switching centers and the build-out of 6 telecom hotel switching centers in Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Greece and Israel. The facilities were part of an undersea fiber optic cable network in the Mediterranean.

Parsons Brinckerhoff, Inc. - Herndon, VA; Chicago, IL
1999-2000: Deputy Program Director - PB Constructors, Herndon, VA
Provided technical direction for property acquisition, marine and terrestrial environment permitting and A/E design phases of a turnkey design-build program involving the simultaneous construction of telecom switching centers in New Jersey, Florida, Bermuda and St. Croix, VI. The buildings were part of a Western Atlantic undersea fiber optic cable network linking US, Caribbean and South American locations from New Jersey to Argentina.

1998-1999: Area Manager - PB Network Services, Chicago, IL
Directed the engineering design of a 900-mile underground long-haul fiber optic cable system for Level 3 Communications Company and Kiewit Construction Co. The system included the simultaneous design and construction of cable routes from Chicago, IL to Pittsburgh, PA; and from Chicago, IL to Cincinnati, OH.

Profile and Qualifications

John H. Owen, S.E., P.E., M.S.

Mr. Owen specializes in providing forensic engineering services to property and casualty companies, independent insurance adjusting companies and law firms. 

His qualifications include knowledge, skills and abilities gained through experience, education and training. Include assessing the physical condition of existing structures and determining the cause of performance deficiencies that may have been caused by nature or by man. His aim is to apply the art and science of forensic engineering principles to investigations, as well as to dispute resolution and legal processes.

Mr. Owen is a licensed Structural Engineer in Illinois and is a licensed Professional Engineer in the following states: