"Every structure has a story to tell"

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  • Clearly establish project scope, budget, schedule and deliverables
  • Conduct a physical inspection of the property
  • Present a verbal report of observations
  • Gather pertinent data

Firm Overview

In its practice, the firm adheres to the following commitments:

  • To perform services in a professional manner that holds the safety to the public paramount
  • To treat all clients, property owners and other parties fairly and respectfully
  • To faithfully represent the client's interests and hold all information in confidence
  • To provide only those engineering services for which the firm is qualified by virtue of experience, education, training, skill and knowledge

John H. Owen, S.E., P.E., MS is the Manager and Senior Consultant of the firm, which operates as a domestic LLC in Florida and as a foreign LLC in several other states. Mr. Owen is currently licensed as a Professional Engineer (P.E.) in 12 states and holds a Structural Engineering license in Illinois. His experience includes over 14 years of forensic investigations of property damage losses in numerous states. He has provided expert testimony pursuant to arbitration and litigation actions.

Mr. Owen's forensic engineering expertise is supported by over 30 years performing engineering design and construction management services. His experience included employment with signature ENR 500 firms.


To accomplish its mission, the firm's approach emphasizes clear, honest and timely communications with the client and performs other activities as follows:

  • To provide efficient, effective and timely services as an extension of the client's team
  • To perform services with passion - accurately, objectively and in a professional manner
  • To conduct the firm's activities in accordance with the highest ethical standards of the engineering profession
  • To provide credible, truthful expert testimony in legal proceedings

Guiding Principles

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  • Analyze physical evidence and data
  • Deliver clearly written, unbiased findings
  • Follow-up to verify that the client's needs were met